I created the “Challenges” section of my website as another means to engage my visitors and readers. It is an avenue for us to go on this journey of life together; to connect in a very intimate way; for us to experience sacrifice at the same time, on the same level, no matter where we each are in the world. My desire is for you to be awakened in some area of your life, for you to come alive, for you to be engaged, connected and feel a sense of fulfillment. Fulfillment, even if it is just in the littlest of ways, like completing a challenge presented to you by a writer in Maryland, who wants you to live your best self at this time in history.

“Challenge is the pathway to engagement and progress in our lives…Some challenges make us feel alive, engaged, connected and fulfilled..” – Brendon Burchard.

I believe that we must be willing to sacrifice to receive the best life has to offer us.

I believe that we must implement the discipline to reach the creme de la creme in all things we desire in this lifetime.

So now and then I would like to challenge you. If that is okay. Is that okay? I would never challenge you to do anything that I would not do.

No pressure.