“Carrying pain dark enough to dim the brightest light but you still shine bright”

Olayinka Almaroof is a Nigerian-American poet, author, and a self-proclaimed, “Vessel for God”. She believes that it is important that we each identify ourselves as vessels for Jesus Christ, allowing ourselves to be conduits for Christ and His mission in our lives, communities, spheres of influence and in this world. She does not allow societal norms or constraints define who she is nor limit who she can be based who God calls her to be in any given season of her life. On May 17, 2014, Olayinka released her first book, a poetic autobiography, Forbidden Truth: A Collection of Poem, Reflections and Personal Quotes. That day began this on going journey of sharing what she believes are the Forbidden Truths of this generation.

“In a time when social media has pushed an agenda of fake perfection, Forbidden Truth pulls the veil back on the issues behind all our pretty pictures. The collection is the first picture you take, not the one you post but your naked you, the true you, a stripped down version of yourself. It is honest, it is real and it is brave”

Since releasing her first collection, Olayinka has established herself as a voice of light within what she calls the “lost” generation. Olayinka serves as the founder and CEO of I AM L.I.G.H.T. (Leader In God Hailing Triumphantly) LLC, where her mission is to motivate and educate men and women and to help them push past their painful life experiences and propel them into their destinies. The organization inspires the development of what she calls “Overcomers”. As human beings we each present with a dynamic make up, shaped through our cultural background, upbringing, family units and life experiences. I am L.I.G.H.T, LLC helps to build each individual to reach their full potential through educational workshops, social events spiritual advisement programs and inspiring writings; helping all break free from limitations and personal bondage. The goal is to spread a message of hope & faith. You are not alone when it comes to dealing with major issues – there are others that have overcome pain, hurt, betrayal, loss and disappointment; and you can do the same, with a strong sense of self and a growing faith in God. Olayinka believes that exposure to truth and light is life changing. In shedding light on the forbidden truths of this world, being a symbol of God’s light in the world, as well as, sharing His truth; she desires inspire through her life stories, lessons and tales of triumphant. Olayinka believes that a broken heart was undoubtedly the greatest gift given to her and encourages all to examine negative life experiences to unveil hidden blessings and life changing lessons; to see that mistakes and failures are our greatest blessings in disguise.