• In Chapter 30, writer Olayinka Almaroof takes the concept of "paying it forward" into the literary realm, inviting readers to journey back through her twenties as she recounts thirty pivotal life lessons she learned. Grab your favorite girlfriends and journey through this young woman's memories through three realms: Life, Love, and Spirituality.
  • Consecrate Yourselves: A Single Woman's Journey through a One Year Man-Fast chronicles one young woman's journey of self-exploration and the life lessons she gained along the way.
  • Are you dealing with uncertainty in romantic relationships, marriage desires, depression, life after heartbreak, troublesome friendships, abandonment residue, daddy pains, unforgiveness, trust issues, hopelessness, low self esteem? Journey inside Forbidden Truth 2: Life After Death, to find new hope!
  • This work captures very intimate parts of my heart. With this book, I compiled my poetry but decided to also include an in depth description of each life experience that inspired each poem. The collection is the truth about me, my real story, behind the daily mask we all wear, truth behind the smile we all wear, my naked truth, the real me that only God knows.
  • A book of quotes; quotes that plant seeds of wisdom, seeds of knowledge, seeds of hope. A few words that one could read each day, ponder on, chew on and let take root in the deepest parts of your heart, mind, and spirit. A word that could change the way you think, view the word and interact with others –for the better.
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