New Habits


Last week we talked about becoming change agents! We chatted about accepting and tapping into the natural rhythms of life; embracing and accepting the inevitable changes that life brings.

Another step in becoming change agents is implementing our own changes in our lives; changes that take us to the next level in the development of who we are and push us deeper into purposed living.

All this year we’ve been talking about intentional living, but if we are honest with ourselves, this year hasn’t been any different than past few years if we haven’t been intentional about making some changes or forging some new habits. Sometimes the change we are looking for in our lives has to start with us.

Are you stagnant because you don’t know where to start?

Ask yourself,

“What do I need to do to become a better me?”

“What changes do I need to implement in my life to become the person I desire to be?”

“What new habits do I need to develop to become a better me?”


 I want to share some of my new habits that I have been working on this year, in hopes that you’ll adopt some of these changes or maybe they will spark an idea to create a list of your own. These are some of my New Year’s resolutions but I wanted these changes to be more than just new year resolutions. I want them to become a part of my lifestyle, character and overall who I am.


1. I strongly dislike confrontation and through conversations with my loved ones, I’ve found that I am not the only one that struggles with confrontation. However my dislike for confrontation has caused me to end relationships that I may have been able to salvage by having one or two uncomfortable conversations. But this year, no more! I’ve decided that I would start having those uncomfortable conversations and encounters no matter how weird they make me feel. I decided that I was going to start addressing things immediately and head on! In hopes that issues would no longer linger or cause unnecessary rifts in relationships. Even if I have to go back a day or two later, I will have those conversations about possible misunderstandings or hurt feelings. In this way, we are given the authority to tear down anything the enemy has put in place to destroy the relationships in our lives. Clearing up misunderstandings eliminates the possibility of unnecessary anger developing or bitterness taking root. So far this year, I’ve found that uncomfortable confrontations or just uncomfortable conversations have allowed me to go deeper in my relationships, and have also allowed me to cultivate healthier and authentic relationships with my loved ones.

New Habit # 1 Engage in Uncomfortable Confrontation


2. We often get so caught up in the motions of life, that we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate how far we’ve come. We often get so caught up in reaching and achieving the ultimate goal, that we forget to celebrate the small successes along the way. In 2018, I challenge us all to clap for ourselves and celebrate the little feats, in small or major ways. Have a celebratory dinner, buy yourself a nice gift or throw a dazzling event! One day we will reach our desired destination and we don’t want to look back to realize that we didn’t take time out to enjoy and embrace the journey! It’s great to be ambitious but remember to live in the day!

New Habit #2: Celebrate Yourself!


3. I am slowly but surely getting to a place in life where I trust God so much that I look for Him in every situation, even the tough ones. This habit has allowed me to experience God‘s peace no matter what circumstances I face. In 2018,  I have been striving to develop a habit where I constantly search for the lessons God is trying to teach me or the character trait He is trying to instill in me through my tough life’s situations. Every circumstance whether good or bad will be an opportunity for growth and deeper understanding of who God is! Will you join me in constantly asking ourselves, “What is God trying to teach me?”

New Habit #3: Look for God


4. Stride: This year I have been intentional about approaching life one day at a time. Seeking God each day before checking my to-do list, and consulting Him on what needs to get done and tackled in the day and what can be put off for another day. I have taken a step back from trying to climb the career ladder and running full speed in the race of life and towards my goals. I have taken my hand of control off of my destiny and stopped trying to connect with certain people or be at certain events in order to advance my ambitions. Instead, I have calmed my ambitious spirit and tamed my spirit’s drive. The pulse for the bigger goal is still there but I have taken my hands off the steering wheel and allowed God to really take control of my destiny. I am still doing my part and still creating. However, instead of constantly striving, I am now striding. Taking life one day at a time. This has allowed me to have a new level of peace and joy. I watched a message by Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church earlier this year that deposited this concept deep into my spirit. I am thankful for this sermon. It forever changed my life. You can watch it here:

New Habit #4: Stride


These are just a few of the new habits that I have been forging in my life and especially in 2018. It’s never too late to start setting new goals for yourself. I know we’re in May but it’s a time to look back at the goals that we set at the beginning of the year and see what type of progress we’re making. And if you didn’t set any goals today is the day to set some! I love that my twin sets her goals for the year on her birthday. It shows that there are no rules or route you must follow for implementing change in your life! Just set the goals and execute them!


2018 will be very special for me and you! But let’s do our part to ensure we possess all that God has for us!