Change Agent


I hate change.

Hate is a strong word & I hate using it but look… I hate change.

I am so resistant to change.

I am a control freak (I think it’s hereditary). I like being in control (pray for me).

It’s a contradiction to everything I profess and believe in.

A Christian who likes to be in control, but isn’t God supposed to be in control?



Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’re resistant to change too. Maybe you are one of those people who would love to welcome change with opened arms, but all you can seem to muster up the ability to do is think about all the ways the new situation can go wrong.

Think about it, how do you respond to even the planned changes in your life? Whether it’s starting a new job or starting the journey towards completing a new goal; like school, getting married, moving into a new house, or having a baby? Do you worry and stress under these circumstances, do you plan and over plan? Even when we are excited, there is this part of us that is super terrified or maybe even hesitant to say yes to the change, to the unknown.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Maybe you’re just going to leave me out here exposed, alone?

A great deal of change has happened in my life over the last five years; changes in who I am, changes in my family unit, changes in my relationships, lost love, changes in how I view and know the world, a new city and even a new job. All those changes made me feel like I lost so much control of my life. I was saying I wanted God to take control of my life but I was angry with Him when He did. Instead of forcing me to embrace change, all those changes made me resistant to change even more. Even the most minor changes in my life began to cause me to have an emotional breakdown, an irrational response to typical changes in life. Don’t judge me friend, it’s the controlling part of me.

Then God slowly began to teach me to view those changes differently. As I began to pick up on those irrational reactions, God revealed to me why I was having these type of responses to change; my perception was off. He prompted me to evaluate how those changes really affected my life, by removing my emotions and only looking at the facts.

So here’s the thing, every change that God has orchestrated in my life, has changed my life for the better –EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

See change just means that it’s time for a shift, a shift that moves us closer to our destinies and brings us into alignment with God’s will for our lives. I slowly began to understand that I needed to learn to tap into the natural rhythm of life, and the flow of the changes it offers.  I also realized that it’s okay if change terrifies us but we can’t allow that fear to deter us from allowing the change to come.

So 2018, I decided that I’m going to try to be a little bit more flexible –less rigid with the different changes and shifts in my life. I told myself that I would embrace change, not only welcoming it but also cultivating it. We are now in the second quarter of 2018, and I guess now is the time that God wanted me to share my change journey with you. I’ve been doing okay with change so far this year.

However, the year isn’t over yet! We still have time to smash those goals we set at the beginning of the year, develop some new habits in our lives and move twelve steps closer to the people we desire to be. Is there a change God has been asking or telling you to implement this year?  We still have time to tap into the natural rhythm of this life we are all journeying on. We still have time to embrace the new.

There are going to be many more unexpected changes that God will bring into our lives this year and in many years to come. It’s important that we remember that God is infamous for calling us to step out of something old, into something better!



Maybe you lost your job but that doesn’t mean you will be out of a job forever.

Maybe you lost a loved one and God wants you to honor their legacy through how you now live your life.

Maybe your change will mean letting go of a familiar love but that doesn’t mean you won’t have love forever.


Whatever your change may be, trust God and know that it always gets better with time.

Appreciate the old and what it taught you; look for God in the changes and look for the positives. Look for how the changes can change your life for the better.


It’s time for us to step into this new wave of being change agents.

Change agents are the men and women of the world who flow with and have tapped into the natural rhythm of life.

If not now, when?

Change will come whether we like it or not. So we might as well get ready for it!