The Gateway


Cash Money Records taking over for the ’99 & the 2000….


I looooved the entire Cash Money Records franchise as a young teen but none compared to my favorite…

Little Weezy F. Baby, pleaaaaase say the baby.

From about eleven or twelve years –to about twenty years of age, Lil Wayne was my favorite rapper. My first concert was actually a Cash Money concert (such an embarrassing story goes with that memory). I remember frequently going to this record store in my neighborhood to get all my CDs, it sat right in the corner shop of the Belle Haven Shopping Center. I remember going to that store to purchase Lil’Wayne’s first album ‘The Block is Hot’. I knew every song and every lyric.

Recently, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and listen to old Lil Wayne records (Tidal is God sent). It was a Monday afternoon and I was listening to Loud Pipes and BM Junior before bed!

“Loud pipes, big rims, shawty that’s our life…”


So don’t laugh but that night I had dreams about robbing banks with Lil Wayne and securing really really really large bags of money. Secure the bag! 

I woke up in the middle of the night like come on now! Even though the dreams weren’t frightening, they’re technically not how I like to spend my resting hours. It was evident that what I listened to before bed had an impression on my memory.

The next morning, I woke up and kind of laughed about the fact but I also had a realization that what we see and hear leaves an impression on our spirit. There is an old adage “the eyes are the gateway to the soul.” I say the eyes and ears are the gateway to the soul.


In the shower God begin to speak to me about protecting my soul and to be mindful of the channels or gateways to my soul. He said, you’re exactly right, the eyes and the ears are the gateway to your soul and what you hear and see leaves an impression on your memory, spirit and soul, and you must protect it by being mindful of what you in-take.”


Here are some of the gateways we each should be mindful of:


1. What We Listen To

We have to be mindful about the content we listen to and what information that content is depositing into our psyches and spirits. I am a hip-hop girl, always have been, always will be but I’ve learned to enjoy the art form but limiting my consumption of it. Not all hip-hop is negative but there are certain messages that don’t speak a voice of light and life into our ear drums.


2. Who We Listen To

We have to be mindful about who we are engaging in conversation and who we are allowing to speak into or over our lives or into our life’s situations. Everyone does not possess the spirit of God or walk in a spirit of truth or positivity. We have to be careful not to take on the negative or limited thinking or perspective of others.


3. What We Look At

We have to be mindful about the images we look at, whether that be through television, movies, social media or online content. What we give access to our eye gateway leaves an impression on our minds and souls.



Guard Your Gateways!