December 25, 2015: 1:37 pm


Dear Diary..

On December 25th I received what was told to me to be impossible. It increased my history with God, it added to my track record with God. It showed me like He always does, He will show up, and He will continue to show up. So what did I learn from my Christmas miracle?

God is Able:

Luke 1:37 “ For with God nothing shall be impossible.” I learned that God truly could do all things, we must simple have faith. Even just an ounce of faith pleases God. He will do even what we think logically is impossible. God will defy time constraints. God will override earthly protocols. Whatever it is in our lives that we think is impossible or will not come to pass, God will do it and in a shorter time than we expect because He is able. He can do ALL things.

God has a plan and has planned it to perfection:

I learned that I had a plan in mind, but God’s plan will always trump mine. I am very ambitious and goal oriented. Everything that I do is calculated and executed with a well-advised plan. I like to complete projects I set my mind too, and I like to complete them before the due date. To ensure when the date of completion arrives, my project is already in order. I was that girl in graduate school who completed papers a month before their due date. No really ask my Howard girls. But with this book God had a plan for its completion date, no matter how far in advance I attempted to get this project done, God set a date of completion and date of release. No matter how much I cried, screamed or prayed, God had a perfect plan in order. Plans that usually increase our faith and increase our trust in Him.

God orchestrates divine connections:

God sends people in our lives and connects us with people who He plans to use to ensure that we fulfill our destinies. In October 2015, God knew that I would need to use Debra to complete my editing for me. He knew that I needed to build that working relationship with Debra because, in December 2015, I would need her to help me get the project completed and released. Throughout life God will connect us to people He desires us to walk within an intimate way and those who are key to having our destinies realized. Those are the best kind of people to have in your life! God sent.

Obey God:

When God spoke to me in October to use Debra, repeatedly I heard “Debra, Debra,” I obeyed. Debra requires her editing fee up front, and it is expensive. I was reluctant to use her because I was giving a lump sum of cash before receiving a product, to a woman I had only spoken to via email. It was a risk I took because I trusted God. If I had disobeyed God because of money (it boiled down to giving up money), I would not have been able to use her again in December. She was a very vital part in getting my book finished. God gives us instructions throughout our lives. It is on us whether or not we obey those instructions, but when we do not, we will reap the consequences of disobedience. FYI: The Bible is full of instructions for our success in this life. Don’t pick and choose which instructions you want to follow.

We must simply believe:

I had a great deal of anxiety, I prayed fervent prayers and even begin fasting to receive a blessing from God. For God to do what someone told me was the impossible. I prayed daily “God I believe you can do this, please help my unbelief.” Although I prayed, and cried, and fasted, I believe what moved God most was the belief in my heart.

Everything is a learning process:

Do you need a book published? Trust me; I am your girl lol. This was my first time completing the publishing process independently. With my first book, I used a publishing company. This time I completed the entire process by myself: I outsourced the necessary aspects like the design, got the book copyrighted, obtained the ISBN #, obtained the book’s library of congress number and even located an amazing distributor. I learned in real time how long it takes to get a book from a manuscript to on the market. I learned important do and don’ts of the publishing process. Most importantly I gained a deeper understanding of God, His character and His capabilities. I think the learning curve was my favorite part of this entire process.

So in December 2015, I experienced my first Christmas miracle, and I know it won’t be my last. Christmas is my favorite time of the year because the world is filled with so much joy and it’s evident all around you. It is a time of peace, love, joy, and celebration of one of my favorites, Jesus Christ. Maybe next Christmas you too will receive a Christmas Miracle, one must simple believe.

Until next time…

I wish you

Love & Happiness