I love my life. No seriously this is not social media propaganda, where I post #relationshipgoals pics with my boo and really hate him behind closed doors lol. I genuinely love my life. I have the most AHmazing family. We are not perfect, by far, let me TELL YOU, they get on my nerves! But I love each and everyone of my family members. My sisters, Bumni, Felicia and Jennifer. My brother Sheyi. My nieces Kiki and Dylan. My nephews Marcus, Christopher, Demetrius and baby Noah. Let’s not forget my Mama Bear Liz and My Papa Bear Tunji. My family is my everything. My friendships have stood the test of time, seasons and personal growths; and only get better. The good and bad times in friendships have strengthened the foundation of who I am as an individual and as a friend. I have a best friend that celebrates me publicly and prays for me secretively. Friendship has taught me the power and gift of forgiveness. My God, who just is. Who just is! I just love Him. My skin is as rich as chocolate and her skin glows honey! My hair is growing #naturalgirlswhatsup and so are my nails lol. I’ve never felt more beautiful as a woman. More accepting of myself as a woman. My ability to be able to travel and see parts of the United States and around the world that others can only dream of. A thriving career as a Speech Language Pathologist and a gift for writing that allows me to touch the hearts of people from Brooklyn to Australia. To have insight to what my purpose in life is and begin to walk on that path at such a young age. God has really blessed me.
I am currently reading Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven life and in this text he states “Birds bring glory to God by flying, chirping, nesting and doing other bird-like activities that God intended.” That was so powerful and life shifting for me because it taught me to JUST LIVE.  So simple how birds are fulfilling their purposes by just doing bird things. So I should just do Deborah things. God just wants me to live, laugh, tell corny jokes, eat good #foodie, drink lots of water, be beautiful, travel, listen to trap music, love Jesus, obey Him, carry out my purpose and spend time with my loved ones. Just be a human being! Do the things that I love, those are the things God  put in my heart. Doing the things I love brings joy to God. As long as I live a life rooted in Him, I can just be and He will take care of the rest.  I have dreams and aspirations for tomorrow but right now I am just happy. I have mastered contentment but never complacency. I am happy to be alive. Happy to just live the life God has set before me and it truly be a blessed life. I never want or need for anything and it’s only because of Him. I wasn’t always in this place, there were many days where I cried for the fulfillment of the desires in my heart but I see now Gods timing is perfect. Now I remember Philippians 4:6, I just pray and give my worries, desires, fears and anxiety to God. As His child, it is His responsibility to take care of me. (you hear that Dad, it’s your responsibility to take care of me! lol) I am not practicing true faith if I am not living in this place, I had to give up trying to control and dictate the outcome of my life.
“The Glory of God is a human being fully alive” -Rick Warren
So it is now my mission to live a FULL life. The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing that with no worries. Life is truly blessed and so much simpler when you give it over to Christ. God is simple, we as human beings make it complicated (my brother in law says this!) I encourage you to live today. Jump out of a plane, buy the shoes, book the trip, have friends over for dinner, treat your husband to a night out on the town, just live!  Many people desire to live a blessed life but you can only receive that when you are connected to the Great I Am. He will do His part. Now its TIME for you to do yours! LIVE LIVE LIVE and NEVER LOOK BAck!