Dear Diary..

It’s a Friday night and I’m writing this from the heart. Raw and unedited because I simply wanted to express something that’s has been on my heart. This in someways may be contradictory in that many may find it to be an opinion, even though I would disagree. I ask that you just stick with me. I want to talk about Kanye. Yes Kanye West. Yes Mr. Kim Kardashian. For the past couple of weeks, really the past couple of years. Oh, let me say this is not a PH.D dissertation where I am defending the man by the name of Mr. West. Let me also say that I am a fan and I have been a fan for many years and I remain a fan of his music. I’ll go on.

It appears in this generation that the world is over opinionated. Opinions are like, we all have them but do we always need to share them. My stance: no. It is my belief that a person who says all that they think and believe, that is a person who lacks self control. One of the fruits of the spirit is self control, so one who is operating from a spirit of a lack of control is not operating from a spirit of the Lord but of the enemy. It’s like me with food but that’s another article for another day. Yes it’s that deep. It’s black and white. Its either light or darkness. It’s either God or the devil. There’s no fence. Sick of the world trying to sell us the idea, theology, concept of a gray area. There is no grey area. Let me go on.

I see so many people attacking Kanye. Criticizing Kanye West. Offering up opinion on Kanye West. Making jokes with the butt of the joke being Kanye West. For his antics, tantrums and blow ups. I personally disagree with many choices he has made but I don’t discuss those opinions with my friends or my social media followers. I personally want him to quit the antics and get back to making great music because he is a musical genius. One who’s sound continuously evolves. Evolution, isn’t that what we all strive for?
One of the greatest artists of our generation but that’s the music head in me and I digress.

Again this maybe very contradictory in nature in that many of you may view this as a mere opinion, then I call for an end to this over opinionated population. I’ll go on. Continue to read at your leisure.

You and I are no different than Kanye West. Kanye West’s only difference is that he lives his life in the public eye. Those two sentences were contradictory in nature as well but stay with me. He is no different from you and I. In that I believe Kanye West is sick. Mentally ill that is. It is my belief that when Kanye West’s mother died he experienced a lapse in his normal mental state. Not much different than those who turned to alcoholism to numb the loss of a loved one. Or those who turn to serial dating to deal with internal issues. It’s all a testament of someone not dealing with “their stuff”. No different than the 1 out of 5 Americans that suffer from mental illness each year. Meaning if you sat in a room with 4 of your closest friends right now; one of you would be suffering from some form of mental illness. One of you would be your crew’s very own Kanye West. Often loud, belligerent, says anything that comes to mind without a second thought because of underlined reasons. Our mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers; I’m sorry to tell you this even one of your children because we ALL are somebody’s child. Even the man or woman you lay down with every night who you affectionately say “is tripping” once a week is suffering from some form of cognitive imbalance. Even if it’s as simple as pressure from stress.

Yet we as a nation feel the need to constantly attack Kanye West. Again this is not a PH.D. dissertation where I am defending a man that I barely know but creatively respect.

I’m simply saying this, take a step back and put yourself in another’s shoes. View the entire picture. Before you sit and tweet out your cristicim. Before you post a funny meme about someone ELSE’s demons. When your only saving grace is you get to hide your demons in the privacy of your home. When your only saving grace is our Amazing Grace. You may have spazzed out on your spouse last Tuesday for moving something in the bedroom. Maybe SNL shouldn’t have moved the set (giggles). Or maybe yelled at your child in a way that crushes their spirit, not because what they did was so terrifyingly unchildlike but because the stress of this world was triggered by something minuscule and you blew up. (PS. A child is to be raised up and taught. TEACH a child the way they should go. Not dictated and commanded. “Because I said so”. And no I’m not a mother but I am a professional who studies the language development of children and a lack of explanation leads to a lack of exposure to language. I digress)

So before you so openly share your opinions and tear down a man so much that it might lead him deeper into depression and possibly ultimate suicidal confessions. Check yourself. As children of God and we are ALL children of the Most High God. Whether you are Christian or not. He is the Creator and the Father. The truth is the truth. It does not change because one decides not to believe it. You are His child and He calls us to do two simple things. The bible summed up into one statement “Love God and love the people”.

Mark 12: 29-31

God never called us to JUDGE our fellow man. Yet we have developed into an over opinionated population that does nothing but judge. As if we each are not without imperfection. As if we are innocent before the true barometer of character. The bible.
Trust me it’s someone looking down on something we ALL have done. I’ll save us some time with developing a list.

It’s not our place to judge as Christians and it’s gets under my skin when Christians do this and condemn. More than anything because it discourages non-believers. We are not God, we are mere followers of Him. The bible doesn’t command us to judge. It states that each man shall have their judgement day BEFORE GOD.
We are suppose to speak our peace and love people where they are for who they are. We are to share Truth. Not our truth but the Truth and let that be our peace.
That doesn’t mean you have to agree with their behavior. You can disagree and not judge without condemning. There’s no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

Condemnation: the act of expressing an unfavorable or adverse JUDGEMENT on; indicate strong disapproval of; to pronounce to be guilty

Oh and same thing for Love and Hip Hop. Some people laugh and criticize when they watch that show but in reality you see yourself in it. If not you, your bestfriend, cousin, sister or the OLD YOU. Let’s be real. I see the old me all up in Amina and Tara minus the pregnancies.  your youth you never fought over a man and by youth I mean twenties. Or had drama over one. Again yours wasn’t just on
There is no man without imperfections, humble yourself before God and pray for those who you see losing. Losing in life. Losing themselves. Losing in love. Losing in health.

If not THEE Kanye West, pray for the Kanyes in your life.

Oh P.S. Stop being so quick to judge the creativity of others. This is for the people who criticize musicians. Like Kanye West. Again, this is not a pHD dissertation in the defending of Kanye West. This is from the heart of a person with a heart, compassion and creative soul. If yourself are not a creative and have never created anything, you can never understand the level of pressure and stress that goes into creating a body of work. That’s for all mediums of creativity. Appreciate the work and congratulate the artist for even being able to complete a solid body of work. Especially the CRITICS who’ve NEVER created anything. It’s taKES at least a month to feel out a piece of artistry and people like to judge in a week or days time. Again that’s the music head in me.

THIS concludes my Kanye rant. Lol



For those who I may have lost.

Moral of the story: stop judging others. The world would be a much happier place.
Until next time…

I wish you love and happiness