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HUMANITY   “we must all began to view others through our eyes of humanity. It is from this place of grace that we exude are most heightened expressions of love, compassion, and understanding.” Did you know that you were human? I know we like to call the amazing human beings in our lives superheroes, and [...]


A Promise is A Promise

A Promise is A Promise   I attend Hill Song LA in downtown Los Angeles, and the past two weeks of services have been AHmazing! The worship at Hill Song always leave me overfilled with the goodness and glory of God, but the last few weeks, it has been the sermons that left me at [...]

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Battle of the Mind (Mastering Contentment Part 2)

Battle of the Mind (Mastering Contentment Part 2)     As we continue to focus on contentment, I want to explore our thought life when living a life of contentment. One of our greatest combats in our lives as Christians is in the battlefield of our minds. It is here that the devil tries his [...]

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Mastering Contentment: Part 1

  Mastering Contentment We all were shocked by the news of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain untimely passing. Two prominent celebrities loved and respected by many, and very successful in their respective fields. Most shocking was the nature of these two individuals’ deaths…suicide. Why would these two human beings, who appeared to have everything to [...]

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The Gateway

The Gateway   Cash Money Records taking over for the '99 & the 2000….   I looooved the entire Cash Money Records franchise as a young teen but none compared to my favorite… Little Weezy F. Baby, pleaaaaase say the baby. From about eleven or twelve years –to about twenty years of age, Lil Wayne [...]

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New Mind

New Mind   Have you ever seen the sitcom ‘Girlfriends’? It’s almost a foolish question to ask but hey, maybe you are one of the few people in the world who hasn’t seen it. Girlfriends is a show from the early 2000’s, I was in my early teens when the show first came out. It [...]

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New Habits

New Habits   Last week we talked about becoming change agents! We chatted about accepting and tapping into the natural rhythms of life; embracing and accepting the inevitable changes that life brings. Another step in becoming change agents is implementing our own changes in our lives; changes that take us to the next level in [...]

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Change Agent

Change Agent   I hate change. Hate is a strong word & I hate using it but look… I hate change. I am so resistant to change. I am a control freak (I think it’s hereditary). I like being in control (pray for me). It’s a contradiction to everything I profess and believe in. A [...]

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Clean House   Last we talked, we chatted about being intentional in deciphering the people that God called us to be in relationship with. The goal was to develop a habit of intentional living in every area of our lives in order to live a purpose driven life. I want to take it a [...]

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Are You Called?

Are You Called?   A ‘Purpose Driven Life’ is a critically acclaimed book by author Rick Warren, the book is designed to help readers unlock their God given purposes and helps to answer three life changing questions: The Question of Existence: Why am I alive? The Question of Significance: Does my life matter? The Question of Purpose: What [...]

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