My sister Jennifer has this saying, “Come up”. She says it when encouraging someone to live in the fullness of who God created them to be. Personally, I want the best for the people around me, sometimes I find myself wanting more for them than they want for themselves. My greatest desire is to introduce my loved ones to Christ because He will give them everything they need and desire but I learned to stop pursuing people who were resistant to God; instead I pray and let God move on them in His time. Jenn would say to me during our personal conversations, “If they really want to see God’s blessings in their life, they’re just going to have to come up.” It’s another way of saying, “elevate yourself” but to a God level. I was driving recently and listening to Awesome performed by Joseph Anthony and my thoughts began to run, as they usually do when I’m alone. The song says “My God is awesome”, and I began to ponder on how awesome God TRULY is and how so many miss out on experiencing His awesomeness. Then Jenn’s voice came to my head, “they just need to come up”. I began to think about the human race as a whole.

God is so awesome and as His greatest creations, we as human beings have really missed the mark. So much hatred, violence and sin in the world. Everything in this world has advanced but us. Medicine has advanced. Technology has advanced. Yet we as a people just seem…stone age. Our lifestyles, thinking, ideologies, morals, beliefs, behavior, integrity, etc etc, just need to come up, to a God level. So many of us are living below what God had in mind for us. Then we see others living in the full glory of what God destined them for and instead of coming up to that #Godlevel we hate them, don’t support them, find a way to talk that person down, or compare ourselves to that individual.
We have to come up as a people. Before it’s too late. Before we miss out on our blessings. Before we further disappoint God. Come UP y’all!