My sister Jennifer has this saying, "Come up". She says it when encouraging someone to live in the fullness of who God created them to be. Personally, I want the best for the people around me, sometimes I find myself wanting more for them than they want for themselves. My greatest desire is to introduce my loved [...]


Queen of the South or NOT

Queen of the South is a new show on the USA network, the show is about a Mexican woman who grew up in poverty and rises to be the most powerful woman in the Mexican drug cartel! I know you're probably like Deborah, what are you talking about. Stay with me. I recently binged watched [...]

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My LOVE(d) Life!

I love my life. No seriously this is not social media propaganda, where I post #relationshipgoals pics with my boo and really hate him behind closed doors lol. I genuinely love my life. I have the most AHmazing family. We are not perfect, by far, let me TELL YOU, they get on my nerves! But [...]

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