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(pages 28 – 35)

Life Principle #1: Even the dark times, serve great purpose

“…….One morning, much like many others, the Lord began speaking to me. On this particular day, He said something that changed how I viewed every negative incident that has ever occurred in my life. As I entered the shower, there was a weight of sadness resting on me. I’d just finished having a conversation with one of my mentees. For most of this conversation, I lent an ear, then encouraged her to leave an unhealthy relationship and seek strength in the Lord to do so. She informed me her ex-boyfriend was constantly reaching out to her expressing his deep love for her, and had begged her not to leave him. She said this made it difficult to walk away.
As I showered, I began to ponder on that conver­sation and eventually said to God, “What’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t anybody fight for me? Everybody’s boyfriends come back for them – they cheat and come back. Why didn’t he come back for me?” I must say, that’s a testament to the damaged thought system I had adopted, and God was still reshaping and uprooting my psyche. It is not okay for a guy to cheat on and abuse you, and then wonder why they did not come back. I shouldn’t even have wanted him back! I even­tually learned to move beyond my emotions and view the situation through a clear lens, viewing the situation in TRUTH.
God has a two sided nature – both loving – but one is as gentle as a lamb and one is a roaring lion. In lion mode, in a very stern voice, He said, “Ev­erything happened exactly how I needed it to happen, Deborah. If it didn’t happen that way, you wouldn’t have run to me. You wouldn’t have called out to me. And I am calling you to great­er.”
What can you say to your Father after that, ex­cept “Okay, I understand.” I stored what He spoke deep down in my spirit and never questioned that situation again. From that moment on, I knew and truly believed the great pain that I endured was for a greater purpose.
So now I say to you, everything that has hap­pened in YOUR life happened exactly how God needed it to happen. If it didn’t happen that way, you wouldn’t have grown into the phenomenal human being you are today. I know that maybe hard to accept, but think about all the negative experiences in your life. Now, for each experi­ence, make a list of what it taught you, instilled in you, or how it helped you to grow. Every neg­ative life experience was allowed to enter your life to mature you and to shape your character. One may endure difficult circumstances because of the anointing on their lives, because of what God has stored in you and the purposes He has planned for your life. He applies pressure to pull and push greatness out of us.
Romans 8:28 states: “And we know that God causes EVERYTHING to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”
I honestly don’t know how I’ve endured the pain, the abandonment, and the constant betrayal, and still stand with so much joy, but Romans 8:28 tells me that everything we experience in our lives is for the greater good and development of our destinies. I take God’s Word for exactly what it says. I trust God with my complete heart. So I trust that nothing we endure is new to God, and if God has caused you to experience a trial, it is because He has equipped you to make it through and knows you can survive (2 Corinthians 12:9). That includes the absence of your father, the death of your mother, the betrayal delivered from a loved one, single parenthood, heart break, rape, death of a child, domestic violence, or molestation that happened to you as a child. God never puts more on us than we can bear. Our greatest pain at times is actually our greatest blessing in disguise. If not only for us, for the men and women we shall help through that same experience……..”


I hope you enjoyed that. To continue reading, check out Forbidden Truth 2: Life After Death.  To close I want to say that there are so many men and women in the world who are secretly hurting. You can’t begin to imagine the number of women and men who I meet who have buried the pain of molestation by the hands of a family member. I seriously use to think that was a thing of television and movies. I don’t know why that pain sits heavy on my heart every time I hear it. People who are carrying the weight of burdens that God desires for them to give to Him. Carrying the weight of pain that they have suppressed and buried in the deepest parts of their psyche. No matter how much you try to bury the memories and the pain, the seeds of those hidden pains contaminate all the good soil in your life and limit your ability to live to your fullest potential. My desire is for all to develop into the best versions of themselves. Sometimes we like our pains because they have been with us for so long, they become a form of comfort for us, one of the things we “know”. I ask that you look beyond the pains but not only that, give them to God, He desires to heal you and use your testimony for His glory. I counsel and mentor women in their 20s and 30s who have these buried secrets that they have never shared. Yet I have seen the blessings they experience when they accept and release the things of the past. Please remember to ALWAYS search for the blessings in your tough seasons, they are there 🙂



Until next time…
I wish you love and happiness.

Deborah A.




Forbidden Truth 2: Life After Death is a work that highlights the lessons in Christ I have learned over the past two years. It also includes 23 life principles critical to our success as individuals (i.e know your worth, trust God, and trust the timing of your life).

The collection includes poetry on each topic; and addresses depression, heartbreak, marriage desires, troublesome friendships, abandonment residue, uncertainty in romantic relationships, daddy pains, unforgiveness, trust issues, hopelessness, low self esteem, so forth.

Share with your family and friends. For men, it briefly addresses what a man of God looks like.

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