March 2016 ~ Sunni

I stumbled across Sunni two years ago on social media. After sometime, I deemed her my distant "soul sister". Through photographs I connected with Sunni through various commonalities. She's a woman who excels professionally but still loves and enjoys life, she appears to be a ball of fun. Sunni currently works in radio and as [...]

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Dear Diary.. It's a Friday night and I'm writing this from the heart. Raw and unedited because I simply wanted to express something that's has been on my heart. This in someways may be contradictory in that many may find it to be an opinion, even though I would disagree. I ask that you just [...]

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The “F” Word

Dear Diary..   One of the great lessons of Christianity that I have acquired is that it is an ongoing process. Christianity is not an event. It’s not a destination you arrive to. It is continued work that is being performed in you to mold and sculpt you into an earthly image of Christ. God [...]

The “F” Word2017-10-11T19:20:10+00:00